Satellite Services

Pay Per View Satellite Services and Signal Problems?

If your having a problem with your satellite signal, Sussex Aerials can get out usually quicker and offer better value than the main provider. Satellite services start from just £45 so if it’s just a dish re-alignment for example that’s all you will pay. If the problems a little more involved a free quote can be worked out on site then dealt with immediately if your happy with the price.

Pay Per View Satellite in other rooms with no extra monthly fee

Watch your Sky Box in another room like the bedroom for example without paying out for Multiroom. I find the best cost effective Sky systems are Satellite return systems, this is when you have a Freeview aerial and Sky Box signal distributed to other TV points within the home. This allows you to watch whatever is on the Sky Box downstairs, upstairs for example but still has the Freeview signal to give each TV it’s own independence to view different channels in different rooms for no extra charge. A magic eye can be added to allow you to control the Sky Box in other rooms meaning you can use your planner pause and fast forward etc etc just like as if you are in front of your Sky Box.

The only draw back is you can’t watch Sky Sports in one room and Sky Movies in another, but someone can be watching the Footy in one room and Eastenders in the other room, using the Sky – Freeview combination. Most of my customers have only found the need for Multiroom when they have an extra box for the kids but even they have the Sat return system on the main box to run the other TV points throughout the home. These sort of systems are not expensive to install but each job like any other has to assessed on it’s own merits hence I come out to give free quotes on site.