Freeview Services

Professional Freeview installations

Freeview is a digital TV broadcasting service. Freeview offers over 50 digital TV channels and 25 digital radio stations for you to choose from. Freeview is a free service so there’s no subscription or contracts needed to view it.

There are many Freeview Services and different ways to get them. The conventional way is through an aerial and Freeview integrated TV. For poorer reception areas Freesat is a better option. Often customers ask me whats the difference between Freeview andFreesat and the answer is simply, you pick up Freeview through an aerial and Freesat through a satellite dish. You get a few more channels on Freesat mind and theres a few channels on Freeview that are not available on Freesat. In my opinion 70% of the channels are not worth watching anyway but for the 30% that are worth watching is when I come in to ensure your getting the best signal quality available in your area.

If you are a pay per view customer and thinking of changing to a Freeview service please ring 0800 70 76 246 to organise a free quote. Every job is different and I price each job on it’s own merits. Sometimes changing from pay per view TV to Freeview can be quite straight forward and work out cheaper than 1 more months subscription. So at least with a free quote you can weigh up the pro’s and con’s of switching over to freeview.