Aerial Installation/Repairs

New Aerial Installations and Replacements

At Sussex Aerials we use the best brands and highest quality equipment. All fixings are galvanised steel and goes without saying Digitally Approved. We always offered a standard digital aerial rig and a high gain digital aerial rig but since the change over high gain digital aerials are only needed in real poor reception areas. All complete new installations come with a three year guarantee.

Aerial Repairs

If your aerial has come down for what ever reason, in most cases it can be repaired. If it has seen better days I would suggest a replacement, but if the mast has snapped or the chimney lashing rusted through for example a cost effective repair can see the aerial rig last a good number of years.

Get your local news anywhere!

No matter where you moved from, if you wanted to keep an eye on the local Glasgow news down here in Sussex you can or if you commute to London and are more interested in what’s happening in the capital Freesat allows you to watch local regions wherever but it has to be installed correctly. Please phone for more information and prices.